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"Not all those who wander are lost." JRR Tolkien

Climbing to Connecticut’s Highest Point.

New Post: Climbing to Connecticut’s Highest Point. #outdoors #adventure

Ever since I was first introduced to the world of hiking a few years back, it has become an obsession of time. I find myself craving more time outdoors, taking time to enjoy nature and climb mountains whenever possible.

Round Mountain

Most recently, I’ve attached a goal to my love of hiking: to hike to the top of all of the high peaks in the United States. Any chance I have a free weekend, I find myself…

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Climbing New Jersey’s Highest Peak.

New Post: Climbing New Jersey’s Highest Peak. #hiking #HighPoint

Over a year and a half ago, I climbed Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York state. It was no easy feat, especially in the snow, but it was an accomplishment that inspired me to attempt hiking the highest peaks in the United States and as many as I can abroad. While, I am not sure I’ll ever want to summit Denali or Everest, I would like to at least attempt what I can, starting small and…

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An African Elephant Photo Essay.

New Post: An African Elephant Photo Essay. #WorldElephantDay #gogrey

For as long as I can remember, elephants have been my favorite animal, which is why in celebration of World Elephant Day, I have decided to showcase a few of my favorite photos of the African elephant from my time in Africa two years ago.

My first African elephant sighting in Botswana did not occur in a National Park, but instead right on the street. We were on our way to Chobe National Park,…

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15 Inspiring Quotes About Nature.

New Post: 15 Inspiring Quotes About Nature. #quote #outdoors

The more I’ve traveled, the more appreciative I’ve become of the magic of nature and the great outdoors. I have climbed mountains and sand dunes, camped in the wilderness, and immersed myself in the world while traveling, and now I am trying to do the same at home.

At one time, I dreamed of life in the city and saw no real use for nature. However, over time, I have realized the importance of…

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Where to Drink and Dine in Puerto Rico.

New post: Where to Drink and Dine in Puerto Rico. #travel

What I loved most about Puerto Rico was that it was an island with culture, and along with that culture came delicious dishes and drinks. Sure the beaches and beauty of the island drew me in immediately, but what made me really fall in love with Puerto Rico were the people and the food.

Dining in Puerto Rico

I have almost too many restaurant recommendations for the island, and that proves just how satisfying their…

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Music Monday: August.

New Post: Music Monday: August. #songs #lyrics

In July I decided to make my Music Monday posts once a month on the first Monday of each month. I will pick ten songs that are my current favorites and list them here for you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way, I love learning about new music, especially from around the world.

For You by Angus and Julia Stone
I’ll tell you, what you already know. If you love me, with all…

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Finding the Perfect All-Natural Deodorant.

New post: Finding the Perfect All-Natural Deodorant. #beauty #travel

The more I travel and see the world, the more I begin to care about my impact on it. Since I have started traveling, I have started to implement small changes in the way I live my life. I try to cut back on what I need and live with less, but I also try to buy and use products that are more friendly to the environment. It may not make a huge difference, since I am only one person, but I’d like to…

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The Streets of Lecce, Italy.

New Post: The Streets of Lecce, Italy. #travel #ttot

Arriving to Lecce well after midnight, we couldn’t recognize its real charm until the following day, but even in the glow of lights, we could tell there was something special about this place. Having arrived for a wedding, there wasn’t much time to spend exploring, but since none of my family had experienced Italy’s Southern region, it was important for us to try see as much as we could, even…

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15 Inspiring Travel Quotes.

New Post: 15 Inspiring Travel Quotes. #ttot

I’m always looking for the perfect words to describe how I feel about travel, how places far from home fill me with joy and give me a sense of belonging from the second I land. These places are new to me, and yet with so many of them, I feel that part of my soul has known these places long before I arrive.

Over the years, I have started to collect my favorite inspiring travel quotes, the ones…

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Delayed, but Not Denied.

New post: Delayed, but Not Denied. #travel #ttot

Almost exactly two years ago, when I arrived on my own in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. Africa was a place I had dreamed of my whole life and arriving felt very much like coming home. I knew that travel wouldn’t be easy, but I was prepared for the challenge, and even though I was on my own, it wasn’t lonely, it was liberating.

After a day of exploring the Falls…

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